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4th probastion violation

Hayward, CA |

This is like my 4th probation violation. The last violation I got 1 yr county. I just got arrested two days ago for possession of controlled substance(like 0.03gms), burglary tools and, a probation violation. a neighbor called the police saying there were two suspicious men outside looking into cars. the police pull me (I'm currently on felony probation for 10851) and, my friend(who's on parole for the same) over. I'm in the back seat asleep they think the car is stolen. They keep asking where the othe rguy is we have no idea what there talking about, they search us find the dope in my purse, a bunch of different car keys on a ring, a small knife sharpener and, a flat head screw driver. They arrest us both for burglary tools, and me for dope and, a probation violation. They said, if in the morning the car hasen't come up stolen then they'll drop the burglary tools and probably release him. I, bailed out and don't want to go to court blind would you please help me by telling me what you think in your professional oppinion will most probably happen. Please

Thank You for your time and consideration

Crystal Millard

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You should call your lawyer immediately, Crystal. You went down for a year on number three, and this is NUMBER FOUR? It's not clear to me whether tthe keys, he screwdriver and the knife sharpener were found in your purse or somewhere else. If they were just in the car, and it wasn't your car, they probably can't make the possession of burglary tools charge. In any case, the dope is a violation, and possibly your associaton with your friend is, too. The judge's patience with you is going to be wearing thin, and you REALLY want to talk to a lawyer about this.

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