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40508a violation misdemeanor or infraction?

Berkeley, CA |

If I get a 40508a (failure to appear) and decide to pay the fine online, do I automatically get convicted of a misdemeanor or infraction? The website lists 2 violations, a 1 way street violation(infraction) and the 40508a(dont know what it is), and I want to just pay online. Can I get convicted of any type of misdemeanor without ever being in court?

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40508 is a misdemeanor failure to appear. A judge will typically reduce it to an infraction or even dismiss it outright if you go to court and explain why you missed your earlier court date and are prepared to pay your fine on the other charge. You likely have a warrant out for your arrest at this point, so it would be a good idea to go down there and clear it all up. Good luck to you.


Mr. Pullman had answered your question. You cannot ignore this and must deal with it in court. An attorney can be of great assistance in dealing with this.


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