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4 Warrants and only one surrenders

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Out of the 4 warrants issued with the same case number, only one surrenders. How does this benefit the one that surrenders. While the other 4 flee?

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The one who surrenders gets his bail set, and gets to start working on raising the money early on. Because he surrendered himself, the judge may set a lower bail, finding him more trustworthy to make subsequent appearances.
The four who run get no breaks when they're eventually picked up. The judge may even INCREASE their bail if he believes the DA's argument that they fled to avoid capture. Plus, at trial, the DA is allowed to argue that their having fled is a sign that they knew they were guilty.


You will possibly get a benefit on the issue of bail. The court looks favorably on people who surrender rather than those picked-up after running from a warrant. An attorney can only advise you to surrender on the warrant; in any event, it would be impossible to predict how you would fare relative to the others simply because you surrendered earlier in the case.

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