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4 people were murdered in Idaho years ago. The case was closed without a just investigation.

Rigby, ID |

There was a corrupt police force at the time, and many things were covered up. Threats were made to remaining family and community members, and some other people in our community were obviously protected. The case was closed, citing "suicide" as the cause of death, although the victims has multiple gunshot wounds to the head. The ruling on the case was published BEFORE any of the forensic evidence was reviewed by the labs. There was such an injustice done at that time, and some members of the community would like to have this case looked at again by a fresh, un-corrupted, investigator. Where does the community group start?

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There may be no legal solution to your concern (and, remember, this Q&A is for legal questions) but two practical ideas are: 1) try to interest the Idaho Falls newspaper in some investigative reporting; and 2) remember that your county sheriff is an elected official, so in theory you could elect one willing to reopen the investigation. You do not mention how many "years ago" and I don't remember the situation, so be aware that time may not be on your side.

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For a not for profit group. Raise money. Hire a criminal defense attorney that does private investigations and wrongful death actions.

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