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3 years ago I visited Orange County, and end up getting a DUI on my visit. Can anyone help?

Santa Ana, CA |

I am currently in WA , living at home with minimum funds. what is the average cost of a case like this? And also does anyone have any good referals? I really want to get this resolve. Please help any advise would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Call Kapsack & Bair, both of whom are listed on this forum. They would be best equipped to deal with your situation.


A DUI conviction can have a long lasting negative impact on your life. You should find a way to come up with the funds and hire a DUI lawyer in the Orange County area. Find one who is a member of the National College for DUI Defense and the California DUI Lawyers Association. That person will usually be a DUI lawyer who understands how to fight a DUI case. Many DUI lawyers will let you do a payment plan.

I'm not sure why the previous lawyer who posted referred you to Kapsack and Bair. They are DUI lawyers in Northern California, not Orange County.

You need to know that if you get convicted of this offense, you will not be allowed to travel to Canada. This may be an issue since you live in the State of Washington. Again, hire a DUI lawyer and try to win your case. The length of time since arrest may help you, but that is for the DUI lawyer to determine.

Good Luck


The first question is going to be what happened 3 years ago? Did you never go to court or did you start the process, but then fail to appear?

The procedural history, along with the standard DUI issues, need to be discussed in detail with your attorney.


I have been practicing DUI defense in OC for 11 years.
You may have a viable defense based on the age of the case.

This does not form an attorney-client relationship. I require a written agreement before I begin work on any case.