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3 day right to cancell for home improvement contract

Fountain Valley, CA |

I signed a home improvement contract last saturday (3/09/13) the contract gives a notice explaining the right to 3 day cancellation and I initialed it but then the contract also states that the 3 day right to cancell shall not apply if this contract is negotiated at the contractor's business location. I would like to cancell today which is the 1st day of the 3 day right but contractor says that i cannot cacell because i signed it in the place of business. IS it true? Does it mean i cannot go out of the contract anymore? Thanks a lot

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You need to have your contract reviewed by an atty. Without seeing it, no one can actually opine. I've attached a link to contracts you have a statutory right to cancel and their time frames. Hope this helps.


My colleague's right. Generally the act proving for a consumer's right to cancel within 3 days doesn't apply if the contract is entered into at the home improver's premises, but it depends how much the contract is for, whether you initiated the negotiations, etc.

See the attached, linked again.

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