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3 day notice to pay rent or quit, can the amount stated be rent + untilities if my agreement states that I owe 1/3 of utilities

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what is the correct required info and amount on a 3 day to pay rent or quit notice to be valid. The month to month agreement states tenant owes rent plus 1/3 utilities.

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You have to be very careful here if this is a residential eviction. Unless the lease or rental agreement specifically DEFINES "rent" to include utilities, you cannot include the utilities owed in the 3 day notice to pay rent or quit. So if the agreement just says the tenant owed rent plus 1/3 utilities, then the 3 day notice would be invalid if it asked for unpaid utilities.

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thank-you mr. wei-hong chen, question to clarify, this is a residential month to month agreement. in the rental agreement it states tenant owes rent plus 1/3 utilities. please clarify what amounts are allowed on the 3 day to pay rents or quit notice in order for it to be valid. for example....can an amount that is the rent plus the amount of utilties be stated on the 3 day notice?


The details of giving notice in an eviction can be very tedious, and must follow strict guidelines. As stated above, a 3-day notice to pay or quit is traditionally for overdue rent only. Depending on the unique language of the lease agreement, utilities are normally not to be included in a notice to quit or pay. Below is a link to more self-help on the court's website.

Good luck, and remember time is of the essence to act to protect your interests.

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you can only ask for rent. Utliities are generally not considered rent. This will render your notice improper. Hire a landlord lawyer to process your UD.

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