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3 car accidents whose responsible. Is it the second car or is it the 3 vehicle. 3 vehicle ran away from the scene .

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The second car doesn't want to pay the insurance for the first car damages to the rear of the car. Even though the 3 vehicle ran away from the scene. So should the second car pay for the damages of the first car ? Both cars were at the traffic light when the 3 vehicle crash into the second vehicle & left the scene of the crime

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Please consider consulting promptly with an attorney in your area.


I would consult with an attorney in your area. From what you've described, it sounds like vehicle 2 was not negligent; and, in turn, would not be liable for any damages. However, more facts would be needed to answer your question more thoroughly. Good luck to you!

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It does sound as though vehicle 3 is responsible for what sounds like a typical chain reaction, rear end collision. The fact that the vehicle 3 took off is also some indication of this as well. All that being said, you've only provided very limited facts and consultation with a personal injury attorney is recommended. Good luck.


Multi-car accidents can be complex, which is why you want to get a consultation with a local car accident lawyer to review in detail.


Generally the rear-most vehicle bears all, or most of, the blame.

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