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2nd VOP

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If someone violated a felony probation, and the first penalty was being sentenced for 6 months but was let go after 3 months for good behavior.. What is likely to be the penalty after a 2nd violation?

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If you have a nagging thought in the back of your mind that a couple of things which might be very important are missing the nature of the offense for which you, or your friend, let's say, was placed on probation in the first place (if you need an example....was it a violent or a non-violent offense?); what formed the basis for the first violation; next,'re getting the hang of this, now.....the basis for the second violation; and so on; and so on.

Ask the same question with information this time and we'll try again soon.

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The 1st charges were criminal mischief misdemeanor, false ownership felony, grand theft felony and dealing stolen property felony. Got sentenced a year and 6 months probation. Moved to a different county, got arrested for a domestic battery, got 1 year probation from that county but had to go back to the old county to serve a VOP, they gave me 6 months in the county jail but they let me go after 3.. Now there was an injunction/restraining order and that was violated.. What do you think will happen now between both counties?


There are also a few other issues with your question like someone only serving 50% of the sentence. This simply does not occur. I strongly recommend y'all retain a criminal defense attorney to assist you all in the matter, there may be defenses to the charges. My firm offers free case consultations. Good luck.

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VOPs may be handled differently from county to county, judge to judge, prosecutor to prosecutor, and even probation officer to probation officer so it will be difficult to know exactly what will happen or what they will want from you. The best thing you can do is hire an attorney right away and finish the classes before court. The Judge will likely not be pleased being that this is the second violation.


A 2nd violation of probation is serious, especially felony probation. You should really consult with a local attorney to determine what your options are and potential sentence could be. My office offers free consultations. Call me at 813-681-8383.

B. Elaine Jones, Esq.