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I used my worker's comp second opinion lawyer already. Have I just ruined my chances of proper healthcare along with a suit in the future? I THOUGHT MY ADJUSTER WAS HELPING ME!!!


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A good workers compensation lawyer can generally bail you out of a bad situation. Employers and insurers know that getting a lawyer involved means they will pay more and you will get more. Numerous studies have proven this and employers write and read articles about this. See the article below about employers trying to keep lawyers out of the claims process. Insurance is a license to steal and Insurance adjuster are about paying as little as possible so their company profits and employee bonuses are larger. Hire an attorney as soon as possible.

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Do you mean you used your second opinion doctor (not lawyer)? You have not necessarily ruined your chances of proper healthcare or a future suit. BUT THIS YOU MUST BE SURE OF: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU TO THINK THAT AN ADJUSTER IS TRYING TO HELP YOU. S/HE IS NOT. S/HE WORKS FOR THE INSURANCE COMPANY THAT IS TRYING TO MAKE YOU GO AWAY FOR AS LITTLE MONEY AS THEY CAN. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT TRUST THE ADJUSTER. If you want help with your claim, speak with an attorney. You can contact me at 404-425-6235.


Not necessarially. I assume you mean second opinion doctor rather than lawyer, by the way. You can still petition the State Board for a change of physician to someone who is not on the employer's panel of doctors. It is discretionary with the Board as to whether or not to grant your request, although you probably have a decent shot at it. Many times it depends on the specifics of your case, and for that -- you need to get a lawyer who does WC regularly and talk to them. You learned a valuable lesson about relying on adjusters to look out for you -- they just don't do it.


An adjuster works for the insurance company and has their best interests at heart, not yours. You need an experience w. comp lawyer to assist you with your claim including coordination of medical care. I trust you mean you used your one time Independent exam by a non panel doctor, not "2d opinion lawyer."


You should never assume that the adjuster is helping you. They are never on your side regardless of what they tell you. Nearly every person that I see for a work comp case has been lied to by an adjuster. You should never trust the adjuster for anything.

When making the decision of whether your should hire an attorney, you should think of this in terms of a football game. Right now, the adjuster is the coach of the opposing team and knows all the rules. You are the coach of your team. Not only do you not know the rules of the game, you also do not know any strategies. Would you ever want your favorite team in sports to play a game with a coach who knew no rules or strategies? Of course not. That is why you need a lawyer that is specifically skilled in representing workers' compensation claimants like yourself.

As to your question, skilled workers' compensation claimant's lawyers have strategies at hand to convince opposing adjusters and attorneys to allow another second opinion or to petition the workers' compensation court for another doctor for you.


I'm's hard to type when laughing at the "I thought my adjuster was helping me" part.