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2nd offense for shoplifting, what are my options?

Green Bay, WI |

I was caught shoplifting recently for the 2nd time. This will not happen again, it was a horrible and stupid mistake. My question is, can I fight this to get a lower fine? What will be on my record? It states B4.08 on the citation, not sure what that means. Should I hire a lawyer? I don't have much money but am worried about my record and potential hiring opportunities. What about the fine I receive from the store's lawyer, pay that? I will not do this again and hope I can get somewhat of a clean record after all this mess. I also suffer from severe depression and after loosing my job months ago, have been unable to purchase my meds. I can tell that by not being on my meds, it's destroying my life. Thank you for your time.

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Attorney answers 1


From your description it appears that this is being prosecuted as a civil ordinance violation. If so, the good news is that this charge will not show up as a criminal record. However, it still does not look good on most background checks so you really need to get this problem figured out. If you are being treated for the depression or other mental health issues you may want to obtain some verification of the diagnosis from your treatment provider. The prosecutor may take into account if you are addressing these concerns appropriately if they appear to have contributed to your behavior.