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2nd offense domestic violence?

Vicksburg, MI |

me and my boyfriend got into a fight and he pushed me into a wall in our house... the cops were called and they took him to jail even tho i told the cop i didnt want to press charges. how do i go about not getting him into anymore trouble his court date is this thursday

even tho i told them i didnt want to press charges they didnt listen and told me either i let them take him to jail or they will come with a warrent in a couple days

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The victim of domestic violence has the right under the Crime Victim's Right Act to communicate his or her opinion or desires regarding the case to the prosecutor. However, it is ultimately the prosecutor's decision whether or not to "press charges." You may not think that pushing someone into a wall is particularly "violent," but it is definitely an assault. Adults do not settle their disputes by pushing one another. When someone behaves in a criminal manner, technically everyone is the victim because the defendant has broken the rules of society. That is why a prosecutor can decide to prosecute the defendant even if the victim does not want to. The best thing you can do is be honest. If you attempt to recant your story, you could face charges of making a false police report. Your boyfriend should hire an attorney or request a public defender. In the meantime, abide by the no contact order so your boyfriend does get in more trouble and have his bond revoked. The no contact order is an order of the court, so its not within your authority to decide tht he can have contact with you.

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