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2ND DUI W/ TEST REFUSAL. GOT FORCED BLOOD TEST.BAC 0.11. LAST DUI convicted on 10/18/04.Can I get the IID Resttricted License ?

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Convicted W/ 2ND DUI W/ TEST REFUSAL. GOT FORCED BLOOD TEST. BAC 0.11. LAST DUI convicted on 10/18/04. Sentence, 30 days jail .18 mo DUI. MADD & Penalties.

Can I get the IID Resttricted License after the 90 days of supension under SB598? Or need to wait 1 year of suspension to get the IID restricted license under SB 598?
Called The mandatory action unit and an individual told me that my license suspended for 2 years cause of the resufal. I asked if I can get the IID restricted license and she told me , not until 2 years. Is this right? I heard that the suspension for DUI refusal is 1 year. However, I was hoping that I can get the restricted license under SB598 after 90 days of suspension with SR-22, IID system installed in the car, Signed up for DUI program under the SB598. pls help!

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The problem in your case is that there was a refusal allegation and it appears that you lost your DMV hearing based on a refusal. On top of that this is a second time DUI. Therefore when looking at the refusal with the second time DUI there is a 2 year mandatory suspension on your license. You can attempt to appeal the ruling from the DMV but at this point that is where you stand.
Robert Driessen


Unfortunately, you do have to wait out at least 1 year of the suspension before getting your license back. Normally, you could get your license restricted with IID installation after 90 days, but you have a 2nd REFUSAL & the statute doesn't allow you then to get your license back before then.


no IDD on refusal case

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