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2nd Dui Sacramento county in 2007 not completing probation terms. what is a Sock Warrant

Sacramento, CA |

I was arrested in 2004 with my first Dui a wet n wreck less, completing everything to the terms of probation. I then got 2 more duis I recently hired an attorney and he got one of my cases dismissed. but he told me today that the one I have gone to court already and taken a plea from nov 2007, that sacramento county is not willing to meet with him and my only option is to turn myself in.I was reprsented by a public defender and right after I was released from jail on my Dui I admitted myself into a in patient treatment program ehich I completed and still sober to this day. When I went to court public defender office states they never got any paperwork from my treatment program which the program said they for sure sent. and I was sentenced then to 15 days work project and to serve 2 weekend

all I have completed was paying my fine and I signed up for work project and gave them a deposit. I have not fallen thru with anything else and my Lawyer which is a modesto based says the court will not speak to him and that he was told I just need to turn myself in. I am asking what more options do I have I think he is unfamiliar with Sacramento county. I am blessed that he got my case in Modesto dismissed and totally thank him for that but I also paid him to fix this sacramento county stuff.I guess I have a SOCK warrant whatever that is? what can I do I was told techinally I have served my time its just the county needs to see that I did a program. and do whatever actions they need to discipline me for breaking my probation like adding more days to work project or whatever. I would greatly appreciate some help of what to do.

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A SOC warrant is a Sheriff's Order of Commitment, which means you owe the sheriff's department some jail time because you failed to do work project. Once a SOC warrant is issued, there is nothing the court can do. You have to turn yourself into the sheriff's department and finish whatever time you owe.

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Joseph Salvatore Farina

Joseph Salvatore Farina


And once you fail to do work project, the Sheriff's Department will generally not accept you for work project again.


Most judges won't set aside/vacate/remove a warrant like that until your surrender. An attorney might be able to arrange an in-court surrender so that you can make your case to the judge without waiting in jail for a hearing date.

Good Luck.

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