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23152 (AM 23152 (BEXM 23152 (BM These are previous charges. Next Section is new charges. ? what would be standard for sentence?

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now new case VC14601.2(AM 23153(AF new charges. Defendant is still in jail, with no bail and on previous charges list >:sentence after revocation and under current list>: report and sentence . Question is : Is this standard time for such charges and or what is or would be standard sentencing or consequences for such charges. And when would be the expected release date or time of incarceration?

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If I understand correctly, the person was convicted of a DUI and then was caught driving while their license was suspended for a DUI, the 14601.2. The minimum jail sentence for a 14601.2 is 10 days. Has the person been convicted of that yet? It would be unusual in my experience to be held without bail for a 14601.2.


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The question really needs to be clarified as to exactly what happened here.

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I am an attorney specializing in criminal defense in Alameda County (Hayward). Sounds like your friend has two cases going on. One appears to be a felony probation violation, while the new case appears to be a felony DUI causing injury and driving on a suspended license. The Report and Sentence you are referring to means that the defendant already pled guilty/no contest to the new case. Usually, the defendant would admit a probation violation under that circumstance as well. We would need to know more information regarding what a "good deal" would be for your friend under the circumstances. For instance, knowing your friend's prior criminal history would be a great first step. Also, we would need to know what his current "deal: is. The facts of the cases obviously also determine the outcome. It may be possible to withdraw your friend's no contest plea and seek a better deal before sentencing occurs. Feel free to contact me to discuss your friend's deal.

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