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20 year renter

Santa Monica, CA |

I've lived in the same apartment for 20 years. When I moved in, it was "as is". Everything old, dated, unpainted, shaby, etc. There are many things that need to be fixed by the LL but we've taken care of plumbing ourselves. We've also paintes aling the way but its time to re-paint again. The place to me is disgusting but we're worried to over burden the LL. I also had an agreement with the previous LL that I'd pay rent about the 20th of each month. Now I'm receiving 3 day notices every time I turn around although I'm not behind in rent. Now they're trying to press me with their new late fee charges which I never signed agreement on since I was under the old LL rules. What can I ask for when requesting updates for the apartment and what constitutes as harassment? I refuse to use my own $

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Santa Monica has strict rent control. You should file a complaint with the Santa Monica Rent Control Board


The landlord may not refuse to provide necessary maintenance to your apartment, no matter what you contracted for 20 years ago--in other words, he can't contract around the law by telling you your apartment is "as is." He has a duty of maintenance under California law--asking for repairs is never "harassment." It's asking the landlord to comply with the law. Call the City of Santa Monica and ask for a Code Enforcement Inspection, and the City will order the repairs to be made. You can also ask for a Code Enforcement Inspection from the Los Angeles County Health Department.

Important things to remember: 1. The fact that I answered a question that you asked me on line, doesn't make me your lawyer. 2. Opinions are like noses--everyone has one. I just happen to think my opinions are right, but check with another lawyer too.