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2 Felonies. Will they ever go away?

El Reno, OK |

I committed grand larceny and embezzlement in1996. Here it is 2011, and I'm wondering if I would be about to buy a gun. Since then, I've been the Army. A corrections officer. I've been asked about it,but it's never stopped me from anything but it I have fear about trying to buy a gun.

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I am not an Oklahoma attorney. However, having done the basic research I can tell you that Oklahoma has two types of expungement: 1) following an arrest and deferred entry of judgment (which seals your probation not your arrest record; and 2) a more comlete procedure which must be based on one of the following criteria: The requirements under §18 include: "the defendant was acquitted; the conviction was reversed with instructions to dismiss or the prosecutorial agency dismissed the case after such reversal; the statute of limitations on the offense expired and no charges were filed; the defendant was under eighteen at the time the crime was committed and has been pardoned; the offense was a misdemeanor, the person has no other convictions and no pending cases, and at least ten years have passed since the judgment was entered; or the offense was a non-violent felony as defined in Title 57 O.S. §571, the person has no other convictions or pending cases, the person has been pardoned, and at least ten years have passed since the conviction. Another qualification was added during last year's legislative session. Section 18 was amended to also allow a defendant to apply for expungement if his or her factual innocence has been proven by DNA evidence after a conviction."

These procedures may or may not apply to you. Contact an OK attorney to find out if you qualify.

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