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2 counts of Indecent liberties/minor (in public) drng a manic bi polar episode . What evidence is sufficient to take to trial?

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Defendant ran out of his house during a manic episode. He allegedly touched two minors and exposed himself. It took 6 officers to subdue him and bring to state hospital where he was recently diagnosed with being bi-polar. Does it look like the charges will stick considering he was manic? if so what evidence is needed to make it to a trial if he pleads innocent? His drug tests came up clean. His priors were for DWI and driving without a license in 2009. Thanks for your help!

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No way to answer your post except to say the individual needs a criminal defense attorney ASAP.

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I agree with my colleague. This is an extremely serious situation. This defendant needs to get an attorney as soon as possible.

To your specific questions, just because he was "manic" doesn't mean he can't be held accountable for his actions. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the answers. His arraignment is on Monday . I'm guessing he will please innocent. If the DA has enough evidence then i guess it will go to pretrial where the public defendant will ask for Jail Diversion. he has no prior Felonies AND the eyewitness neighbors have never seen him behave in this manor in all he five yeas he lived in the apartment complex....his actions allegedly happened in public at the apartment complex pool complex pool. thanks again

John Douglas Lloyd

John Douglas Lloyd


Best of luck to him. I hope everything works out well and he gets the help he needs!


That is too broad to begin answer here have him get a good lawyer he should have some good defenses

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