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2 bad checks on probation. ticket for suspended license. will i go to jail? .

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i didn't know my license was suspended. i thought i had an extension. i haven't even met with my probation officer yet on the bad checks. i don't want to go to jail. is there anything i can do

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As you know your probation could be violated if you pick up new charges especially if convicted, or if you otherwise violate any other conditions. You need to consult the lawyer you had or another one in your area that handles criminal matters.

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It's possible, but unlikely. I'm assuming that you were on misdemeanor probation through Court Services in Alachua County for worthless checks. And then you were pulled over for another misdemeanor of driving on suspended license. The new charge will almost definately violate your probation. If you can reinstate your license, doing so ASAP will help with the new case.
What you can do is to hire an attorney to help fight these charges and/or negotiate a resolution that involves you staying out of jail.
Many attorneys, including myself, offer free consultations where we sit down and talk about your options. Good luck.

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Not knowing your license suspended, might be a defense to a criminal charge of Driving with a suspended license but you need to consult with an attorney and explain all the facts to know for sure. If you are on probation and something has happened that you think will cause your probation to be violated, then you definitely need to consult a criminal defense attorney to help you negotiate a deal with the prosecutor or argue your case to the judge.

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