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1st time DUI, 23 yr old,asked to take a blood test,refused;forced to take one anyway. Car towed, 3000 bond. Lawyer necessary?

Nashville, TN |
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For most DUI charges, you need counsel. In Dickson County, this is particularly true. As mentioned earlier, they have a very strict policy - as does Cheatham County - as to plea bargaining. In short, generally they don't other than to give you the minimum sentence which is 48 hours in jail and a $350 fine plus court costs. You stand to lose your license for a year subject to a restrictions if found guilty or if you plea.

If your blood alcohol content was rather low, you may have a chance. Of course, as with all cases, your outcome will depend on the facts. Nevertheless, yes, you need an attorney.

Jason Barnette
Barnette Law Offices


It sounds like there was an accident involved if there was a forced blood draw. A Dui in TN carries jail time and a loss of license. If you are a true first offender you are eligible for a restricted license and depending on the facts of the case will depend on if you are required to have interlock on your car. Dixon County has a tough plea policy I would most cetainly get an attorney.


You need a lawyer. A DUI conviction will result in a suspension of your driver's license. I agree with opinion above, the facts you stated indicate damage to property of another party with physical injury of another party.