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1st offense-The minimum possible sentence/probation for NC Offense Code 1118 Felony INDECENT LIBERTIES WITH CHILD 14-202.1 is?

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Please include website/links to show your answer for first offense minimum/maximum sentence or possible probation terms for the charge - North Carolina Class F Felony for Offense Code 1118 Felony INDECENT LIBERTIES WITH CHILD Statute 14-202.1 who pleads guilty. Would they also have to be registered sex offenders, lose their voting and internet access rights. What else would they be subjected to if found guilty, If anything else? If they plead guilty to the charge, Is there anyway possible to still be found not guilty?

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Minimum sentence is an "intermediate sanction" which includes probation plus some other feature (usually a split sentence of up to a quarter of the total in custody, with the balance suspended while the person is placed on probation). If committed after 12/1/11, the absolute minimum would be 10 to 21 (with an intermediate sanction as descrbied above).

Voting rights are only temporarily suspended and are automatically restored at the end of incarceration or probation. The person can access the internet, but is required to register email addresses and nicknames and other handles with the authorities. The exact details are explained when the person is placed ont he registry.

They would be placed on the Sex Offender registry (mandatory for at least 10 years), would probably be required to complete the NC Sex Offender Control Program.

If they plead guilty, they are convicted. There is no way to be found not guilty on a plea of guilty except in the very unusual circumstance in which there are no facts to support the plea.

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Minimum 10 to 21 equals months?

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