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1st offense shoplifting ... ASI shoplifting program in pa.

Pittsburgh, PA |

I was stopped for shoplifting 1st offense over 18yrs of age and less then $25... Should I be proactive and volantarily sign up and attend the ASI class in anticipation of my court date... Is this a good idea to show I want to do the right things to put this behind me? what are your thoughts??? Don't want to do anything to jeopardize the decision of the judge..This was an unintentional shoplifting incident, will doing this be admitting my guilt??? will that help or hurt my chances with the judge?

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You should really wait until you go to court before taking any program. Anything can happen in court to change the direction of your case.



Wait for the hearing. The best thing you can do is get a lawyer. If the evidence is not strong, you may be acquitted.

Clifford L Tuttle
Attorney at Law
Pittsburgh, PA

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I would not do anything without speaking with an experienced local lawyer who knows that county's legal system procedures. Sometimes charges can be worked out at the District Justice level without any type of "program."
Good luck


Taking shoplifting prevention classes is a great way to show the court that you are serious about dealing wtih the charges however it is important that you consult with counsel prior to makeing any decisions regarding your case. He or she may very well tell you to take the class but it is best to get the advice first.

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