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1st DUI charge in GA. What will happen?

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1st DUI charge and BAC was over .08. I have a clean driving record. My car was totalled but no other vehicle was involved. The passenger and myself were sent to hospital but no injuries. I was not arrested at the time and am hoping I won't be but I don't know if that is even an option. I'm working on getting a lawyer but I'm overseas at the moment.

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FIrst offense penalties if you are found guilty of DUI in Georgia include:

A minimum fine of $300
Minimum community service 40 hours
minimum jail 24 hours
12 months probation
DUI School
12 month license suspension with early reinstatement after 4 months and during the first 4 months you can get a limited permit for work/school that is valid in Georgia only.

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Mr. Hawkins is correct. He is also one of the top guns for DUI defense around.

I would only add that the long term cost to you far exceed the total of the Court's fines.

If you are placed on probation, you will pay close to $600 for probation alone.

Many insurance companies will raise their rates, so that you could have to pay hundreds of dollars more for auto insurance over the next five years;

If this arrest has defenses (no, you are not guilty simply because of your BAC, it may not be admissible) and you choose not to fight it, it will be used against you if you EVER have another DUI. That makes the other DUI practically indefensible.