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1st-an unleashed dog provoked my dog on my property am i liable for the other dogs injuries.

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when my dog saw the other dog she just stood there she didn't attack until the dog jumped onto her back. the owner put his dog into the house then came back out and proceeded to punch, kick and pick her up and slam her down repeatedly into the asphalt. even though she made no violent move towards him. after i got my dog back into the house he then approached me and punched me in the face. what are my rights do i have a case

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Simply report this to your homeowner's insurance company to resolve.


I would make police report immediately and then if you or your dog have injuries that required medical care, you can make claim on your own or consult an attorney to pursue a claim. The problem is the guys insurance may deny coverage because his actions were intentional. You can still sue but willhave to collect from the guy personally and he may not have any assets or income to collect from.

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Document the incident and notify your insurance carrier.

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There are a lot of facts I am not clear about. Was your dog leashed/fenced? I understand she was on your property. Did the other dog come onto your property? Was he leashed? The other owner punched you in the face? That is a criminal assault - regardless of what happened to his dog. I would immediately call the police and file a report. If he files a lawsuit against you later, you want his actions and your injuries documented (meaning, you should also take pictures of any injuries you may still have). Lastly, I would immediately contact your homeowners insurance and notify them of the incident so if he sues you, they will defend you (many insurance companies will not defend if they are not timely notified of the incident).

Lastly, I have written a guide on Georgia's Dog Bite Laws. You can access it by clicking on my profile to the left of this answer and scrolling to the bottom. Good luck.

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