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1st 6 pt speeding ticket. Possible to reach out to the cop to see if he would dismiss the ticket-my dad is a retired cop?

North Babylon, NY |

once the ticket is issued, is it impossible to negate it? suffolk county,hearing in happague pleaded NG

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You can always try to contact the cop, assuming he is prosecuting the matter himself, and this is not in the TVB, it might not be improper.

Otherwise, it is improper to contact a witness on a case.
Matisyahu Wolfberg
NY Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney


There have been so many ticket fixing, or police courtesy, scandals lately that I would not advise you to count on being able to get the ticket taken care of in that matter. Your best bet would be to hire an attorney familiar with the TVB to fight this ticket for you.

TVB is an all or nothing court where you cannot negotiate with a prosecutor (since there is none). You will either be found guilty or not guilty. With the supposed closure of the TVB court in April and Suffolk moving forward with their own traffic court the chances of dismissal or plea bargaining may be increased.

Additionally, with a 6 point ticket you would be subject to the New York State Driver Responsibility Assessment. This means that if you get 6 points within 18 months, the DMV will charge you an additional $100 per year for 3 years = $300 to keep your license. This is in addition to any fines and surcharges you pay on the tickets. A defensive Driver Course doesn't exempt you from having to pay the assessment.

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No. That doesn't work.

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You will get no special privileges in that or any court because your dad is a retired cop. You need to retain counsel.


I have read stories of this nature.

Being that this is not a legal question, you are asking the wrong crowd.

You could hire a attorney if you want a legal solution.

This is not legal advice. If order to give you legal advice i would need to see the Tickets and talk to the court first. Good luck:)