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18 yr daugher with learners permit has an accident in vehicle with non-family adult

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18 yr daughter with learners permit has accident in the vehicle of a 29 yr friend. The 29 friend is in the vehicle and supervising the lesson. Who is responsible for damages?

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I would think that a claim may be brought against both. The driver, your daughter was operating the vehicle and must take responsibility for her actions. The supervisor will likely be looked at as well.


The operator is the obvious defendant in a lawsuit from this accident. However, the vehicle's owner, who was also "supervising the lesson," would be a legitimate co-defendant on the grounds of negligent supervision and negligent entrustment.

And the insurance companies will likely sort it out.

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First if your daughter was the driver and she has insurance or is insured under your policy, then she will be sued and your insurance company will defend her. If your daughter and you do not have insurance then, the owner of the car will also get sued. Maybe both will get sued from the start. If for some reason, your daughter's friend was negligently supervising her, allowing her to drive beyond the speed limit, talking on his cell, or texting and not watching where she was going or failing to give her instructions, I see him as a negligent entrustment defendant and his policy will be first and later his company will ask your company to contribute some funds towards the settlement. I hope your daughter is doing well and that she has already recovered from any injuiries. Best of luck.

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If the 18 yr old has insurance, she will be responsible via her insurance. However, in certain situations depending on the policy, the 29 year old's insurance may cover it. I would consult with a California lawyer because each state has different law on this sort of fact pattern. Good luck.


Likely both, but let her insurance company resolve it, and don't lose sleep over it.

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I agree with the advice you have already received. Make sure the accident has been reported to both your insurance and the supervisor's insurance companies.

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Your situation sounds as though you need a lawyer. Rather than get advice on the Internet, please contact me for a free consultation and we can go over everything in detail. My website it below. Thank you and best of luck.

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