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18 mo. ago I falsely gave a statement to police that my boyfriend hit me. How do I come forward and confess? Will he go free?

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we were drunk and Im bipolar and wasn't on my meds, he got mad and tried to leave. As I tried to wrestle his bag away I fell and hit my eye. He walked out so I call 911 and they prosecuted him. I feel so guilty, how do I confess and make this right? What will they do to him once they know the facts? Will I go to jail? I am so broke, how do I get legal help with this? he took a plea deal last summer of un-supervised probation & SAVE classes but felt like hes innocent so he quit classes and now has a warrant for that. Now he'll go back to jail for a crime that never happened. What should I do? please help...

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1. You have both a legal and an ethical obligation to tell the truth, and it's never to late to do that.
2. It is possible the police would charge you with false informing, but I think they would be more interested in the truth. Be prepared, however, not to be believed. Many women recant their testimony regarding violence against them even when true. Since he's already been convicted, it won't be easy to undo, especially since he plead guilty.
3. You may also ask to talk with the prosecutor on your boyfriend's case.
4. He is a dufus if all he had to do was attend those classes, versus now where he will spend some time in jail regardless. In the meantime he should consider apologizing to the judge and agreeing to go back to classes He needs to talk to his attorney both about the probation violation and about your willingness to recant.

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