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17 year old speeding ticket that now has bench warrant issued, that i do not recall getting, what do i do.

Canton, GA |

i just found out that there is a bench warrant on me for a speeding ticket, that i do not remember getting back in 1994 in Canton, GA. What should or can i do?

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Because a bench warrant has been issued, you likely have two options:

1. Hire an attorney to file a "Motion to Quash" the warrant, meaning get it removed and a new date for trial set in, or

2. Turn yourself in.

A qualified defense lawyer in your jurisdiction should be able to help you with either choice.

Good luck!


I would hire an attorney who can get the case put back on a court calendar, and can get your warrant removed. Also, the lawyer may be able to get the case dismissed, or reduced, so it won't go on your record. You may also want to check the status of your driver's license, and make sure it is not suspended. You can call 404-657-9300, type in your driver's license number, and it will tell you whether your license is valid or not. It is an automated number so you can call it anytime.

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