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16 year old having intercourse with 19 year old in CT?

Connecticut |

A buddy of mine just met this girl who is 16, and he is 19. I'm not really involved in what they are doin but i guess they are just talkin and hangin out now but he asked me what the deal was with them doing stuff sexually (because im interested in law stuff, but not going to school or anything) and i wasn't sure what the deal was. The age of consent is 16 (if im correct) here so that means that they can do whatever they want and he can't get charged with statutory rape. But then there was something about if they are 13-16 then the actor can't be 2 years older, does that include age 16? or is that up to 16? Now i'm not looking for weather you think its right for him to be doing anything with her, thats not yours or my concern. I'm just helpin him out a little bit so im looking for hard fac

sorry for the last couple of sentences it was copied from another place.

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You are right that the age of consent in CT is 16 but you are also right that there are other laws that might be violated where an adult has sexual relationships with a young person. 16 is just barely legal and in my opinion a 19 year old is endangering himself to have sex with her.

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