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15 year old, multiple sex partners, pregnant, guys are 20 and older.. Outcome?

Macon, GA |

It has been rumored that a 15 year old girl is pregnant by either a 20 or 21 year old. She doesn't know. What is the punishment that they guys could get for engaging and impregnating this girl? Would her history of being promiscuous prevent them from getting charged?

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Her history will not prevent them from getting charged with statutory rape.

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The age difference between 20 and 21 for the offender is significant regarding punishment for the offense of statutory rape. In either event it is a felony that will involve prison time and being on the sex offender registry. The 20/21 year old need to consult with a lawyer immediately.


Her prior sexual history is not relevant, per the Rape Shield Statute.

As for the range of punishments, they are facing a minimum sentence of ten years to a maximum of twenty years because they were over the age of 20, at the time of the offense. In addition, they will have to register as a sex offender, if they are found guilty or if they plea guilty to this offense.

The 20 or 21 year old needs to contact an attorney immediately, and stop messing around with high school girls.

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The child's sexual history with others will not be a factor at all. With a few exceptions, the Rape-Shield law will prohibit any evidence being introduced or considered that relates to the child's sexual history. Moreover, if the defendant is 21 years of age or older, statutory rape carries a minimum 10 year sentence. The maximum sentence is 20 years.


Promiscuity is not a defense to a statutory rape charge. The outcome will be a child raising a child that she cannot afford; a newborn significantly more likely to become a teen mother; and a young man scarred for life with a felony conviction and 18 years of child support payments.

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