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1-Will i go jail ? 2-how much do i have to pay for them ? 3-what they will do for me ?

San Francisco, CA |

Hi, i got ticket driving without diver license in SF before 2 weeks ago and then the police towed my car but i bring it and i paid the fees for the car its about 195$ and i paid for Auto return 509$ But i still have the court on 6/11/13 . i decided to get driver license will i'm able to take it ?
If i paid do i will go to the jail even ? and how much will cost the lawyer for this ?
Also i got about 6 parking ticket do they will ask me about it ?

while they towed my car the police wrote i dont have Insurance . If i go to criminal school will it clear out of my record ?

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There is no criminal school. If by that you mean traffic school neither driving on a suspended nor parking tickets qualify you for this solution. For the driving on a suspended you need a lawyer as this carries a short but mandatory jail term.


Hire an attorney to help you handle all of these issues. The attorney can help dismiss or reduce charges and eliminate or reduce fines. Good luck


At least in San Diego, if you can come to court with your valid license, and this is your first offense, they will usually reduce the charge to a VC12500 - driving on an invalid license.

I would get your license BEFORE you get to court....every jurisdiction is different, but it would not hurt to have remedied the situation now.

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