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1. When one is terminated in Arizona is it within the terminated employee rights to ask for a copy of their personnel file?

Glendale, AZ |

At termination the manager declined to give a reason for the termination. HR gave a vague reason that is not supported by any facts known to me. Another employee claims she was told a different reason for my termination. I would like to review my file to see if I can find a reason for this action and therefore closure to a difficult & confusing situation. Thank you for your help.

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In general, Arizona law not require employers to allow employees or former employees to inspect their personnel file. Essentially, the file is company property and does not belong to the employee. There are some exceptions: State employees have the right to inspect their personnel files, and some unionized employees may have negotiated for the right to inspect their files. Also, some employers will voluntarily allow employees to inspect their personnel files. If you end up in a lawsuit with your former employer regarding your employment, then you could get a copy of your personnel file at that point. Good luck.

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Contact the state and ask the question. I would also talk with them about the last payment you received to make sure that was done correctly. Let them know the situation of your termination and they might catch some read flags. Here is their website.