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1. What is the age in Virginia when a child can choose which parent to live with? 2. Age when child won't get child support ?

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1. What is the age in Virginia when a child can choose which parent to live with?
2. VA: Child's age when he won't get child support?

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1. A child can always express an interest and the court will certainly take that interest into account, especially for older children, but as long as the child is a minor (under 18), the child will have to follow the court order.
2. There are some exceptions, but generally, I believe child support is paid until the child is 18 (age of majority).

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1. A child cannot choose, they are a child or a minor under the law. However, in a custody case, the court will often (somewhat dependent upon the age of the child) consider the wishes of the child. A child's wishes is however only one of the factors that the court must consider.
2. Generally child support ends when a child turns 18. There is a limited exception to this where support can continue past 18 until a child graduates high school or turns 19, whichever comes first. Also, it is possible for parents to contractually agree that support will continue past 18 (usually as part of a divorce agreement) but this is not a matter of law and I have not seen this much in recent years.

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A child never has the authority to declare which parent they want to live with. Child custody is always determined by what is in the best interest of the child. One of the many relevant factors the court MAY consider is the preference of the child. As for child support, that obligation ends when the child turns 18, provided they have graduated high school; however, it ends regardless of whether in high school or not at 19.

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