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Would multiple re-straining orders that were dropped due to lack of evidence hurt a father in a child custody case?

My husband’s ex-wife took out three restraining orders against him for multiple reasons that were untrue and ended up dropping them because she did not have any evidence. Then my husband’s ex-girlfriend who is friends with his ex-wife took out a restraining order against him alleging domestic violence but she dropped her’s due to lack of evidence as well. He is about to go to court for custody of his child with his rx girlfriend who claims he won’t get any custody due to these allegations. There is no evidence because he is not an abuser which I know because I’m married to him and his lawyer says it only makes his exes look bad. I’m worried he may not get any custody because of it. Also his ex girlfriend has kept his daughter from him for a year although he keeps asking to see her. Will that have any effect on custody as well? Daughter is 3 and lives with mom and grandparents.

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