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"Will a minor in possession conviction stay on my record if I take community service? Will it add points to my license?"

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About 6 months ago, I was given a ticket for a minor in possession of alcohol in a public area. I plead guilty and took the option of community service instead of having to pay the fine. Will this clear the conviction from my record? Also, will points be added to my driver's license because of this? I live in California and am 20 years old.

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If this was not a vehicle code violation, then it will not add points to your drivers license. If it was an infraction open container just wait 12 months then "expunge" it. If it was a misdemeanor and you pled guilty, it will be on your record and generally community service will not clear it from your record unless you were offered some type of diversion. It would be helpful to know the code section you pled to. Did you have an attorney?


An infraction is no big deal. If it is a misdemeanor, you can expunge it once you complete summary probation.

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If you pled to a violation of Business & Professions Code section 25662, minor in possession, it is a misdemeanor. There is a DMV side to this. A plea to 25662 does result, under Vehicle Code section 13202.5, in a one year license suspension. You can, however, apply for a critical needs restricted license to keep driving. A misdemeanor will be on your record until you die unless you have it expunged.


Mr. Hill is correct. The DMV always gets involved when minors are in possession with alcohol or drugs. You face a a none year license restriction. In Ventura you vp an Petition for a Restricted license- which be of great help when filing for a critical needs license with the DMV . You need to do this if your license is suspended.

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