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\What should I expect for a first offense DUI/DWI with the 46th District court?

Southfield, MI |

I have a court date at the end of the month and this is my first ever offense of any kind. What should I expect with the 46th district court as well as proceedings, need for an attorney, etc? And as far as consequences, what are the probables like jail time, probation, etc?

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OWIs (Michigan DUIs) are extremely complex to litigate. You absolutely need an attorney. Make sure that when you talk to an attorney your attorney explains to you the entire process and talks about doing things like pulling videos and datamaster logs. If they don't they are probably just setting you up to take a plea. While you likely wouldn't get jail on a first offense in Southfield, you should know that OWIs will stay on your record for the rest of your life. You should hire a competent attorney asap.

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Drunk Driving is a criminal offense. It will give you a criminal record and stay on your driving record for the rest of your life. Getting an attorney immediately, to thoroughly investigate the case for possible defenses, is an extremely good idea. Probation conditions vary from case to case, and an attorney can have a positive effect on those as well. Get an attorney at once. Frank B. Ford 313-565-9289 or 313-486-9272

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As my colleagues have stated, DUI is a criminal mater - and a highly specialized one to defend. With that in mind, take their advice and retain a qualified and experienced defense attorney who concentrates his or her practice in this area, and is familiar with eth court where you are charged and the prosecutor handling your case.


It really depends on what you want to do with the case. A plea offer is likely, but do you have defenses? As a first offender, that Court is not super tough, but like most Courts, treat DUI's very seriously. You should certainly speak to a few attorneys to see who you mesh with. Tim Klisz (313)402-0853

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Any where from probation to jail. Get an attorney to do damage control.


If you have a lawyer & are just looking for a 2nd opinion, then you need to discuss this thoroughly with your own lawyer--even if the lawyer is court appointed. If you do not have counsel, I strongly urge you to contact a lawyer with experience in that court and discuss the strong possibility of hiring him or her.
I have significant experience in that court and your results from an alcohol related conviction will vary from judge to judge there. There are 3 judges who each approach these cases a little to a lot differently than the others. Additionally, it makes a difference what the evidence is that the prosecution has against you and it makes a difference which community is prosecuting you. Is it Southfield. Beverly Hills, Lathrup Village or, Franklin? The reason I ask is because your lawyer would be dealing with different prosecutors and each community has their own policies on the different options that may be available to the accused on a case by case basis for certain cases. Most first offenders do not get sentenced to jail time in that court but then that also depends on all of the facts and circumstances surrounding you and your arrest so, no one can assure you, without knowing more, that you won't be treated differently. There really is no such thing as a simple drinking and driving charge and conviction any more--each case and each client have their subtle differences that require the analysis of an experienced attorney before you can be assured that all of your options have been considered before providing their best advice as to your situation.


You should consult with an attorney. An attorney can review all the information and evidence in your case for possible evidentiary issues. Do not take a plea without getting your case reviewed. Consult with an attorney today.

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