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"res judicata ????

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I was sued in my home state of Pennslyvania for a credit card debt. A default judgment was obtained against me because I never showed up for court. I have no assetts or bank acccounts just a job working in NewYork. Recently a received letter from a different law firm in New York stating they are going to sue me on this very same credit card. Can I be sued on the same credit card account twice ? The first law firm got a judgement how can the second law firm sue me ?

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They can transfer the PA judgment to New York, or just sue you in New York. Now if they sue you in New York, as opposed to transferring the judgment, then you need to plead affirmative defenses and their actions might be a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act since there is already a judgement in place on the debt. The judgment must have been sold and and now a new company is trying to collect. Save all evidence, you may have claims against them based on their communications.

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Thanks But I belive NewYork law does not allow tranfers of default Judgements from foriegn states. Second I am not a NewYork State resident


The second law firm may not know that you were sued here. There is a very large industry for selling and re-selling debts and collecting them, and that may be the reason. Also, the suit in New York may be just to enter the judgment there. Without seeing the papers it's impossible for me to tell. They can't get double the debt by suing you twice, but you have to make sure to show up in New York and let the judge know that there is already a judgment for this debt. Also, you should know that in New York, there may be a wage attachement law whereas in Pennsylvania there isn't. So they may be trying to enter the judgment in New York to attach your wages.

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Thanks But I belive NewYork law does not allow tranfers of default Judgements from foriegn states. Second I am not a NewYork State resident


If you want to try to figure out who owns the debt, check your credit report at which is free. If the Pa collector didn't own the debt, you definitely should contact an attorney who does FDCPA law.

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