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(Personal Bankruptcy) - Multiple debts with one creditor but different accounts - list the creditor once or multiple times?

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Numerous medical debt. Multiple debts with the local hospital but for various visits for 5 years. Do I have to list the creditor multiple times in my creditors list or just once?

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There is no one answer to this question - it is largely a matter of local practice & attorney choice. I tend to list each debt separately because it merges off my credit report software that way & because it makes it easier to correct a credit report once the bankruptcy is over, but I previously combined debts & that worked as well.

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Best practice may be to address each individual account but by far the most important thing is that the one credit receives that one singular notification that you have filed for bankruptcy protection.

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In most cases, it doesn't matter. But it is always safe to make your schedules as accurate as possible and list each account separately.


The creditor receives one notice no matter how many times you list them. Unless there are differences in the way you treat the debts, like one is not discharged or one is beyond the statute of limitations or one is joint and the others are not, there is no reason to list them separately.

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