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(Michigan) Does collecting disability benefits relieve obligation to pay felony amount of past due child support?

Cadillac, MI |
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You should consult an attorney. Child support is not relieved because a person goes on disability. Felony child support is serious and I suggest finding an attorney before you are arrested.

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Thank you Melissa, can owed child support be taken out of SSI benefits?


Collecting disability does not absolve you of an obligation to pay child support. If you are facing felony charges for failure to pay child support, I suggest you contact an attorney right away.

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If you began receiving SSI ( not SSD?) benefits after the payment amount for the past due support was determined, you should consult an experienced family law attorney about the possibility of getting the payment, not the amount owed, lowered. You cannot expect to have this obligation written off. You should also speak with the attorney about the possibility of requesting a reduction of the amount owed.

Neil M. Colman

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