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@kohls with my 2 small kids today, i left a $20 item accidentally in cart and got called back in, police called,now what?

Levittown, PA |

i went to register two different times because i forgot something origionally, and honestly didnt remember that I had put the panty hose in other part of cart. i went and changed a diaper in bathroom,item in cart, then paid with my credit card, used coupons, and when i got to my car i put my kids both in their car seats, grabbed my bag, purse, and then realized the other item was at bottom of cart. I picked it up with the intent to tell my husband to go back in and pay for it, but lady said "come inside" and when i got inside she demanded i admit i stole it, told me she watched me the 40 min i was there, and saw that i grabbed the item and put in my car. i didnt actually have the item in my car, i had it in my hand contemplating. police said i have to go get fingerprinted, i'm innocent!

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You should speak to nobody about this except for a criminal defense attorney.

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Retain an experienced criminal defense attorney and demand a hearing. There are options to avoid a conviction. Good luck.


Mr. Crawford is exactly correct, you should be talking with this matter only with an attorney. Do not post any additional information on this public website or anywhere else on the Internet, including social media like Facebook. From what you have already stated, you may very well have a defense, but you must have counsel to enable you to maximize the chances of successfully presenting your defense. The only question you asked here was, "Now what?" Now you need to start consulting with counsel privately and confidentially.