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"I was just terminated for alledgedly participating in a discussion for which I came in on the tail end of it.

Stone Mountain, GA |
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You chose to not share the details of the conversation, but it is likely it does not matter. In Georgia, employment is "at will" and employees can be terminated for any or no reason (with few exceptions for unlawful discrimination, or where a contract applies). There is no general legal right or entitlement to a job. You may or may not have rights in an employee handbook, so you need to review that if there is one.


Sorry to hear about what happened. I agree, however, with the prior response to your question. In Georgia, the reason for one's termination rarely, if ever, matters, unless it is a discriminatory or retaliatory one. (Both of which require a connection to a protected category or speech involving race, gender/sex, age, national origin, religion or disability). Absent that, your only remedy is applying for unemployment insurance benefits.

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