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"Head of Household" exemption/Writ of Garnishment. Does over 50% "support" of dependent include rent/utilities of the home?

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I can't determine if it is just food, clothing etc

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Yes, it would include ALL expenses necessary to support the other person.


Florida as a special exemption for Head of Households if wages are $750 per week or less.


Yes, rent, utilities, tires and gas, all expenses of the home are used to support a dependent.

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It does not make a big difference as the lawyers, the judges, the creditors and the debtors all know what is meant, but for what it is worth, the precise term is "head of family". "Head of household" is an IRS tax filing status.

Consider also that the dependent does not necessarily have to reside in the home if the dependent were say attending college. There are cases which construe "head of family" differently than how IRS code specifies head of household.

To respond to your question, support for a dependent, which can be an adult child, or a parent, or brother, or some one to whom there is a legal OR a moral obligation to provide support, includes food, clothes, housing, utilities, transportation expense, medical, and so on.

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