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"Good Evening, I purchased some Chunky Light Tuna and it has fly carcasses in it, I already had ate some before noticing

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"Good Evening, I purchased some Chunky Light Tuna made by great value last night, I went to use it in my salad today after eating a bite of the tuna I went to put it in my salad and noticed it had fly carcasses in it.. I have thrown up about 5 times so far...."

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I agree with my colleagues. Save the evidence, take photos, and immediately treat with any/all medical providers necessary. If you get over this without any residuals complaints [i.e. you vomited, were grossed out, and are fine now], report it to the company and maybe you will get a small amount of money or coupons. If you have any ongoing medical issues or treatment, you should seek an experienced personal injury attorney ASAP and do not try to deal with the company yourself. Many attorneys, such as myself, offer free 30 minute consultations.

Good luck.

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Seek medical attention. Once you have been seen for this, you should contact a personal injury lawyer in your area.
You should be prepared to answer why you did not see these carcasses when you made the salad and whether there was some other way they got in the tuna than the manufacturer,.



I did not put the tuna into the salad it was still in the can when I noticed it, I only took a small fork full and ate it before noticing the fly carcasses.


I agree with my colleague but just as importantly make sure you preserve the evidence. Do not throw the tuna or the fly carcasses away. Additionally, take pictures of the tuna can which it's still "fresh". You can find a good attorney on Avvo.

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Also, report to the FDA

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