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"Decree, the Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Permanent Orders and the Order Reducing Attorneys’ Lien"

Denver, CO |

Does that wording mean that the divorce is finalized? The husband filed a motion contesting the amount that he should pay and judge denied it. This is in Colorado and he's still dealing with his attorney and her attorney, this is 6 months later. They are still fighting it out, so was this finalized in June when the judge wrote that?

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A Signed "decree" means that the marriage is terminated in almost all cases, but it does not necessarily mean that there will not be any more litigation over attorneys fees, liens, and other issues (as appears to be the case). If you want a more detailed answer, an attorney is going to need to look at the pleadings to advise you. I hope this helps.


If the Court issued a Decree that would be the final order of divorce. Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Permanent Orders set forth the details of the Court's findings and the orders given at the final divorce hearing. An Order reducing Attorney's Lien refers to an order in favor of the party's own attorney for fees that have not yet been paid. Any attorney representing a client has a right to a lien on any assets awarded to their client in the divorce to insure that their fees are paid. The client does have the right to contest the fees claimed which happened in this case. It does look like the Husband lost that battle. You are not specific about the fights that are still going on. These may relate to the enforcement of the orders or collection on the attorney fee judgment and lien. Based on the facts set forth it appear that the divorce itself has been finalized.