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"Contempt of Court" ??

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I received a letter from out of state telling me I had to send back my financial information, bank account number, what property I own. They called it a Financial Discloser Statement. This is a court order in regards to a credit card which already has a judgement against me. If I do not reply I could be held in contempt. Is this true? Are state laws in regards to credit card debt from one state enforceable in another?

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Sounds like a phishing scam. Be careful. Call the clerk of the court that was supposed to have issued the order to see if there really is an order that has been issued by that court. If it is a real order, then contact an attorney in the state that issued the order to see what can be done. It is possible that a valid credit card judgment in one state could be enforced in another state. The procedure varies by state. If necessary, consult with a bankruptcy attorney in your state, which can also handle the out of state collection action, and stop an out of state court proceeding against you as well.


See the two answers to your prior identical question.

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There are too many unknowns to offer any constructive advice except that you should have the letter reviewed by a consumer rights attorney. I suggest that you look for one at

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