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.COM ~ Domain Name's and Infringement.

Alexandria, VA |

Can I do my own Mediation, between the Infringed; and a "licensee" using a portion of my URL, when my client Infringes another?

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Your factual situation is entirely unclear, but so long as the parties involved are ok with you serving as a mediator I see no issue. Of course, if you are an interested party, which it sounds like you are I see no reason why they would accept that and it really is not mediation then but merely a negotiation between two parties.

I would reach out to a lawyer in private and discuss your matter in more detail before you do anything. You can call several for a free phone consultation and get some insights.

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I cannot make sense out of your question. You really ought to try again.

The above response is general information ONLY and is not legal advice, does not form an attorney-client relationship, and should NOT be relied upon to take or refrain from taking any action. I am not your attorney. You should seek the advice of competent counsel before taking any action related to your inquiry.


I don't understand your question. I doubt if you are in a position to judge whether there is trademark or copyright infringement, or to assist the parties in coming to a meaningful resolution of this matter. Each party in a dispute like this needs is or her own lawyer.


That's muddled. I think you mean can you do your own UDRP arbitration, not mediation, between infringed and licensee, but your terminology is botched up so bad I cannot tell.

The muddled nature of the question makes is pretty clear that you CANNOT do your own Mediation, if that is what you really mean. You need an IP (Intellectual Property) lawyer to clarify your muddled mess and lead you through the legal thicket you apparently face. Otherwise, you and your client sound likely to get stuck by the "bramblebush."

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