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"Can I sue the county for an alien attack upon me?

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"Can I sue the county for an alien attack upon me? I asked them to watch my house as I had been threatened before but I was still recently abducted."

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No and you need to post in civil litigation.


You can sue anyone for anything, but you can't win.


Can you sue? Yes.
Can you win? No.

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"but I was still recently abducted."

I am glad to read that it appears you are free again. I think you may have to find an attorney that practices extra terrestrial law and is admitted to the Supreme Court of the Universe. Good luck with that search.

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It would seem to me that your cause of action is against the aliens. You should be aware, however, that there are international treaties related to first contact with aliens. By having contact with aliens and failing to make the proper report, you may be in violation. You may want to ask your attorney to research this and make the proper report to the United Nations.

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No. You have to have a basis to file a suit against any party. Obviously the actions you are aggrieved by involve aliens and not the county, so you can't sue the county for their actions. The other option would be to sue based on a theory of negligence but that assumes the county has the ability to prevent the actions of the aliens.

You should speak with a doctor.

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Was the alien from outer space? You may have grounds to sue him/her on their home planet.