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. ask he can i visit usa with old green card , what happen , and can he get new green card

Hoover, AL |

my husband have green card and social security since 1977 and leave usa from that time , and he not enter usa from that time can he now , its not expired ( waved )

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He should surrender his green card to a U.S. Consulate and apply for a visitor visa.

The consulate may issue a visitor visa if it is satisfied that he plans to visit the U.S. for no more than 6 months and then return to his country.

If you are a U.S. citizen, you can file an immigrant petition for him if he wants to immigrate to the U.S. More information is required to provide a better answer.


Rephrase your quesiton in a form that it could be understood. Then, repost.

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If he has been out of the US for this long, that means he abandoned his US residency. Even if his card does not have an expiration date (the old cards did not), he will likely be placed in removal proceedings when trying to cross the border, and will have to attempt to convince an immigration judge that he did not mean to abandon his residency - which will be hard to do, due to the period of time passed.

If he only plans to come for a visit, probably best thing would be to apply for visitor visa at the embassy/consulate.

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