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....what is the best strategy for a DUID- marijuana?

Fort Collins, CO |

.....pulled over for headlight out and received a duid-marijuana when they found my red card (med marijuana).....i was given roadside sobriety test and two hour test at the highway patrol office before being taken to the hospital for a blood sample and then booking at larimer county sheriff's center in ft collins

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The best strategy is to hire an experienced DUI attorney who has litigated and tried DUID marijuana cases before. Trying to do it yourself would be like trying to figure out the best way to remove your appendix without a doctor. A good attorney is going to be able to attack any roadside tests (especially if they had a DRE), attack the blood test, and perhaps most importantly attack the state's expert who is almost certainly going to say you were intoxicated.

These cases are very defensible. There are currently all kinds of problems going on at the state lab. There are many other complex and complicated issues that take years of work to master.

There are a number of good DUID attorneys here on avvo. Most of us give free consultations. Find one you like and can afford. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

Best of luck.

Lubchenco, Kendrick, & Baldridge, L.L.P. 720-644-6413. The information provided here does not create an attorney-client relationship. If you are interested in a free consultation, please contact us at 720-644-6413.


Fort Collins:

Like it or not, the best strategy is to get an attorney. These cases are highly technical and require an experienced and knowledgable person to defend them.



Law enforcement are quick to jump to conclusions on DUID cases; especially in Fort Collins with all of the college students. The roadside sobriety tests on DUID cases are far from scientific and they can be challenged in court by an experienced trial attorney. Hire an attorney and that has experience with drug cases.

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