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Do I have any rights to my illegal subleased apartment?

Asked in Alvin, TX - 2 attorneys answered

What rights do I have with sublease agreement during a foreclosure?

Asked in Daytona Beach, FL - 1 attorney answered

What are my legal rights in Texas regarding a sublease?

Asked in Waco, TX - 2 attorneys answered

Can you deny tenant from subleasing?

Asked in Honolulu, HI - 2 attorneys answered

Month to month sublease termination

Asked in Hoboken, NJ - 1 attorney answered

Can I avoid sublease fees?

Asked in Tallahassee, FL - 1 attorney answered

Can my roommate sublease without my permission/

Asked in Tallahassee, FL - 2 attorneys answered

Sublease and overcharging for rent and deposit

Asked in Los Angeles, CA - 2 attorneys answered

Sublease issues in Chicago

Asked in Chicago, IL - 1 attorney answered

Do my sublease tenants have a case?

Asked in Lexington, KY - 1 attorney answered